One of new features in OTRS 3.3 is to add a calendar widget for the dashboard which can show tickets as events.

1. Create Dynamic Field

You need to create 2 dynamic fields with Field type “Date/Time” and Object type “Ticket

  • TicketCalendarStartTime
  • TicketCalendarEndTime

2. Enable the Dynamic Field in “Free Fields” (or any ticket action you want)

  • Go to Admin > SysConfig > Ticket > Frontend::Agent::Ticket::ViewFreeText
  • Find Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketFreeText###DynamicField
  • Add 2 rows
    • Key = TicketCalendarStartTime, Content = 1
    • Key = TicketCalendarEndTime, Content = 1

3. Configure the queues that’s tickets are displayed as calendar events

  • Go to Admin > SysConfig > Ticket > Frontend::Agent::Dashboard::EventsTicketCalendar
  • Find DashboardEventsTicketCalendar###Queues
  • Add your queues

4. Set some values to a ticket for the dynamic fields in the action “Free Fields”

5. Enable the Dashboard Widget in Settings (right-top box) of page Dashboard


If you would like to use other dynamic fields to specify the date range, you should configure it in SysConfig > Ticket > Frontend::Agent::Dashboard::EventsTicketCalendar