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How to restrict access to website?

Reference: You can protect a directory in Apache on Linux by using .htaccess file. It requires apache authentication to access to the website. Step 1: Setup Apache Authentication Create a folder to store apache authentication # mkdir /mnt/secure_pass_folder # chown apache:apache /mnt/secure_pass_folder # chmod 775 /mnt/secure_pass_folder Add a user and password of apache authentication # htpasswd [...]

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Check if your Linux server is 64 bit or 32 bit

In order to check if your Linux server is 64 bit or 32 bit, you can run the following command. uname -a If the output has "i686" or "i386", the linux server is 32-Bit. If the output has "x86_64", the linux server is 64-bit   Reference:

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How to connect MSSQL in PHP on Linux

You may want to connect to your Microsoft SQL database (MSSQL) by the applications in your Linux server. This article describes the steps to install the php modules php-mssql on CentOS 6 with PHP 5.3   Step 1 - Install required packages (freetds and php-mssql) The module php-mssql is not in the default repository.  So [...]

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VirtualBox access internet for Bridged Adapter

In my previous article Virtual Box – ping unknown host, it provides a solution to connect to the Internet in VirtualBox by using DHCP. However, it may not work if Bridged Adapter is used. For such case, you can try to run the commands below. # sudo ifconfig eth0 up # sudo dhclient -v eth0 [...]

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How to compare files in two folders in Linux by md5sum?

When a website is hacked, one of next actions is to clean up the hacked files. The hackers may upload new files through the security vulnerability, or they may modify the files to insert some codes (almost on the top or bottom of the files).   If you want to check if files are updated [...]

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Virtual Box – ping unknown host

I have created a new VM in RedHat (CentOS 7) in the Virtual Box on my Mac. But it is not able to connect to the network. When you try to ping, the unknown host error is returned. But you can ping successfully.   Step 1: Go to Devices > Network > Network [...]

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CentOS 7 – ifconfig command not found

I just setup a VM with CentOS 7 Minimal Install. When I want to check the network, the error below is shown: ifconfig command not found   It is because net-tools was not installed by default. You can simply run the following command to install net-tools. # yum install net-tools   You can run ifconfig [...]

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How to submit form using JavaScript

In general, a HTML form is created with a submit button. The user will press the button to submit a form. However, you may want to submit form by using Javascript. The submit() method is provided for a form object in Javascript that it is the same as clicking on Submit button. All major browsers support the submit() method. […]

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How to get table cell values using Javascript

A HTML table is defined with <table> tag. Each table contains <tr> tags and <td> tags. <tr> tags define rows and <td> tags define cells. The contents (table cell values) between <td> and </td> tags are the data. To get the table cell values by using javascript, the method getElementsByTagName() can be used. It can return a list of elements with input tag name. […]

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