OTRS does not work after upgrading Mac to Mavericks

After upgrading to Mavericks, 500 server error is got when accessing to OTRS. Refer to the error log, the module perl(DBD::MySQL) should be missing. Then I check it by using OTRS script $OTRS_HOME/bin/otrs.CheckModule.pl and find that DBD::MySQL is marked as "Not installed!". This post provides clear steps to install the module. I have revised the steps [...]

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OTRS: Get time difference between Create Time and Closed Time

Someone ask why there is no Closed Time in OTRS. However, from my experience, it is difficult to determine the Closed Time. For example, Agent fixes the issue and close the ticket. (Closed Time 1) Customer replies that the issue has not been fixed and reopen the ticket. Agent fixes the issue again and then close [...]

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OTRS: Kernel/Config.pm isn’t writable!

Just try to install OTRS 3.2.11 in Linux CentOS 6.4 However, an error is got by the installer when creating a Database OTRS: Kernel/Config.pm isn't writable! Solution is found in OTRS Community Forum (Thanks to wolfsden3's post in this thread) Firstly, please check the selinux status by the command below sestatus The output should be as [...]

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OTRS: Activate Event Calendar

One of new features in OTRS 3.3 is to add a calendar widget for the dashboard which can show tickets as events. 1. Create Dynamic Field You need to create 2 dynamic fields with Field type "Date/Time" and Object type "Ticket" TicketCalendarStartTime TicketCalendarEndTime 2. Enable the Dynamic Field in "Free Fields" (or any ticket action you want) Go to [...]

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