WordPress RSS Feed full content

Wordpress RSS Feed has word limitation. In stead of full contents, three dots and two brackets [...] are shown at the end. Seems that Wordpress RSS Feed full contents cannot be shown. Someone recommend to choose "Full text" in Settings > Reading > For each article in a feed, show. In my case, it still does [...]

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WordPress change theme in database

When your Wordpress is being down (or any other reasons you cannot access it to through the browser), you are not able to change the theme as well. However Wordpress theme configuration is stored in database. Therefore you can change the theme directly in database.   Open the file style.css under the target theme folder. [...]

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How to fix WordPress Blank Page

After moving a Wordpress website from a server to a new server, a white screen is shown. Even if you access to admin page, the blank page is always shown. In order to find the root cause, I have tried to do the followings A. Disable plugins Rename the folder ./wp-content/plugins to ./wp-content/plugins-bak Refresh the [...]

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qTranslate does not work in WordPress 4.0

A very popular translation plugin qTranslate has not been updated after 2014-1-26 which is compatible up to Wordpress 3.8.3. After upgrading Wordpress, the plugin qTranslate does not work. But it is difficult for website owners to change to other plugins. I have a simple compatibility fix for the plugin qTranslate with Wordpress 4.0 below. For sure, [...]

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